The Craft of Photography


Over the Easter holidays a group of local photographers brought together by Cambridge Darkroom will display their work, framed on the walls and hanging from darkroom lines, in Williams Art.

3 - 15 April 2012

Tuesday - Friday 11am-6pm

Saturdays, Sundays 11am-5pm

Closed Mondays

Open Evenings

Thursday 5 April 5 - 8pm

Wednesday 11 April  5 - 8pm

Cambridge Darkroom is an open photography group which believes in the power of a shared common interest, and the variety of styles and themes in this exhibition are tied together by a collective passion for the craft of photography. From colourful dancers swirling through the frame, to still landscapes where the space is vast - and everything in between - the craft behind the shots is loved. A few tasters of what to expect:

Hal Maughan's black and white photographs of the surfaces and accoutrements of buildings, bring out textures and structures using shadow and contrast for your notice and, we feel sure, your appreciation.

Jane Goodall has found beauty not only in the grand sight of the Golden Gate Bridge, but in the small and in the ordinary. Fenland Freeze pins down one stray reed surrounded by ice and glowing gently, whilst Bed and Breakfast gives a deadpan view of the tendency of these establishments to layer floral pattern upon floral pattern upon floral pattern.

Whether capturing the vivid motion and colour of a trapeze artist, or the calcified pocks of a piece of coral, Karen Eng, succeeds in bending the photographic form to her will, and forming a union between subject and style.

With so many talented photographers, you're sure to find a lot to hold your attention, and we invite you to join us for one of our two evening events, from 5pm - 8pm on Thursday 5 April and Wednesday 11 April.

Participating photographers include:

Lisa Cordaro

Karen Eng

Richard Fraser

Jane Goodall

Ian James

Nilu Karun

John Kearney

Martin Ley

Hal Maughan

Suzi Shimwell

Andrew Steer

Conrad Webb

Beata Zygarlowska

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