Nicholas Juett : 21






oil on linen

48 x 38 inches

A body of work was exhibited in a Croatian gallery.  The gallery director visited my New York studio in January 1998. He took an interest in my work as an English artist living and painting abroad in New York City.

As a result of this contact, the paintings that I created during 1998 and 1999 were then exhibited at the Miroslav Kraljevic Gallery in Zagreb, Croatia. These were first shown to the US public as a part of an open studio / art walk, organised in collaboration with other local New York artists in 1999. After touring in Europe, the show went to Cakovec and then the show came to London at the Croatian Embassy on 12 September 2001.

It is in the company of others where escape from everyday life is caught.  Hagen-Daz is a painting based upon my own-sketched observation of the London Covent Garden Opera House.  I refer to an existence of consumption and decadence as well as a brooding dark side.

As in the other paintings we the viewer experience the reality and share in a fantasy. By singling out a man in battle-fatigue-design, we the audience encounter his lone self in the comfort of the silent majority. His illusion of a giant blue boy, on stage, enters our psyche.


Haagen Dazs


Lamb White Days

Hollywood’s Waste


Campaign Salt Ad

Vacant Mankind