Nicholas Juett : 21






oil on canvas

83 x 83 inches

For many artists the red studio painted by Matisse is a classic, and here is my less aesthetic version in a gutsy and working class style.

Rubbish (garbage) interested me as an antidote to ‘posh art’, reflecting a very Punk view and anarchistic way to attack the art establishment. In the streets of Chicago I picked up stuff to create an installation in my studio space. Here is just one of many I created in that small space – painted lovingly by me to celebrate something of no worth.

There are some cultural references like the Campbell’s soup can plus the rifles on the window ledge… it was America going to war in Kuwait. Fellow MFA students thought they might get drafted. And I could too – as I joined The America Legion to secure my Federal funded tuition loans. I am still a member.

As I was a Brit at The School of The Art Institute of Chicago, my tutors paired me with John Bratby from the English Kitchen Sink School – realistic painting and chock-full of stuff… stuff. Everything but the
kitchen sink! 

If you can’t fit this one epic work in your home or workplace just purchase the two small scale studies.


Haagen Dazs


Lamb White Days

Hollywood’s Waste


Campaign Salt Ad

Vacant Mankind