Language Unlimited

Six artists put words into pictures and pictures into words

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Famous words uttered from podium, dressing room, journal and stage are painted in pop culture soundbites on canvas. A line takes a walk through the literature and philosophy sections of the world’s libraries. Wires twisted elegantly like jewellery spell out English idioms. A murderous suburban moment becomes a poem. The poem becomes a painting. A flower blotted out by technological manipulation exists as an abstract print with excerpts from poetry spooled in one corner. Birds or sperm immobilised on the page take flight with words.

The art created for Language Unlimited arises from the fascinatingly diverse cultural, educational and occupational backgrounds of the participating artists. Fashion, academia, linguistics, design, teaching, writing and editing are some of the multifarious influences the participating artists bring to the Williams Art gallery.

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17 Oct - 4 Nov 2013

Private View
Wednesday 30 October

Jamie Ashman

Abbas Hashemi

Louise Hashemi

Tamar Levi

Dittany Rose

Rhiannon Thomas

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A specially-commissioned book has been produced, which features the six artists and their work. The book, with a preface by sponsor Russell Whitehead of Language Testing 123, has been written by Cambridge art writer Jo Sinclair and is 44 pages packed with words, pictures and puzzles.

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